Hi, I'm Liza!

I's so glad you're here and wanting to get to know me! I will start off by saying I am based in Portland, Oregon; this is me and my mini and am a soon to be mama of two, wife to the best husband (I think we are all supposed to say that right??) and love capturing memories for YOU! After all, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't right?? :P

I love to capture authentic moments with my clients, so that means expect me to use many fun prompts with you, from intimate interactions with a loved one, to skipping around like your 5 again! And don't worry, I'll be right there doing it with you! The only thing I will tell you... Don't be scared to get your toes in the sand, embrace the wind and get that dress dirty! Its creating the moment and capturing the feelings you felt with someone you love that creates such beautiful images you will forever treasure. You only live once, and with be you must be willing to be in the moment and live it all up... And yes, the sweet candid shots are always fun, but I also bring some more posed looks when the time is right! So you will get best of both worlds. Because why not! i just promise we wont trash your dress before then :P

So that's a little about me and my work style... NOW I would love to hear about YOU! Whats your favorite color, are you a dog person like me? Whats your favorite place to eat, to hike, to travel, where do you like to escape to, to celebrate at... I could go on! These are things you probably wouldn't think I'd care to ask, but I DO! I care, you know why, because everyone is unique and everyone has a story to tell. I want to be able to capture it for you. So lets go grab lunch, or ice cream or simply go take a stroll at your favorite park, or place that special to you... We can start anywhere and our own imagination is the limit... so lets create something beautiful!